5 Best Books To Buy This Father’s Day

How do you say thank you to the one who taught you how to play cards or helped you through your first break-up, or even taught you to ride a bike? You probably can’t, but you can at least buy him a decent book that he’d enjoy. 

We’ve pulled together a list of the best books to buy this Father's Day. Our list has everything from eye-opening biographies to cheesy joke books. So whether he’s a bit of a jokester or even a bit of a thrill seeker, you’ll find the perfect book for him.


Check some of our favourite Father's Day books



The Best Father's Day Books

The World According to Kaleb By Kaleb Cooper - For the TV & Film Fan

The World According to Kaleb

Why we love it:

- Utterly hilarious and completely loveable. 
- Worldly farming wisdom and a unique view of life

Through a collection of witty anecdotes, thoughtful musings, and life lessons, Kaleb shares his experiences and wisdom that resonates with readers of all ages. This book will make a great Father's Day gift as it celebrates the joys and challenges of fatherhood and of course, farming, offering a relatable and inspiring read for Dads.


The Extra Mile By Kevin Sinfield - For The Sport Fanatic

The Extra Mile

Why we love it:

- A truly inspiring man that captured our hearts with his selfless actions and extraordinary sporting achievements. 
- His dry and witty humour throughout inspires us to overcome challenges and embrace togetherness. 

This book serves as an inspiration, reminding readers of the power of resilience, perseverance, and pushing ourselves beyond limits. It makes an excellent Father's Day gift, as it not only celebrates Sinfield's accomplishments but also encourages fathers to embrace challenges, instilling a sense of motivation and strength in their own lives.


Dad Jokes: The Cheesy Edition By Dad Says Jokes - For The Joker In The Family

Dad Jokes: The Cheesy Edition

Why we love it:

- These dad jokes had us all wheezing with laughter and kept us wanting more with each cringy joke we read. 
- Packed with 100% mature cheddar cheese jokes.

This is the perfect book for Father's Day if you’ve got a Dad who needs to refresh his material a little. Dad Jokes: The Cheesy Edition is an entertaining collection of 100% mature cheddar cheese jokes that your Dad can rattle off around the dinner table, at parties or whenever he’s feeling particularly funny.


Wild Isles By Patrick Barkham & Alistair Fothergill - For The Nature Enthusiast

Wild Isles

Why we love it:

- This book will whisk your Dad away on a trip through the Wild Isles
- Packed full of details and history about the Isles that it will have your Dad wanting to lace up his hiking boots and go and visit it.  

Written by renowned authors, this book takes readers on a remarkable journey of uncovering the unique wildlife and ecosystems that thrive within the Wild Isles. Packed with stunning photographs, it will immerse your father into the ecosystem and have him itching to lace up his hiking boots for a visit.


Epic Expeditions By Ed Stafford - For the Adventurous Dad

Epic Expeditions

Why we love it:

- A truly inspiring book got that will have your Dad planning another epic adventure. 
- Will leave your Dad in awe of the wonderful world we live in and teach you about the power of determination and grit in difficult circumstances.

Epic Expeditions is a captivating book that takes readers on a journey across the world, with extraordinary adventures and daring expeditions. Filled with breathtaking photographs and gripping narratives, it will allow your Dad to feel like he’s embarked on an epic adventure from the comfort of his armchair.


Happy Father’s Day!

So say thank you this Father’s Day with a great book that is sure to have them smiling from ear to ear. Whether they’re seeking an adventure or just want to brush up on their Dad cheesy jokes, you’ll be able to find something they’ll love. 

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