51 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids This Summer

While getting outside and playing under sunny skies is arguably one of life’s greatest joys, sometimes staying in is inevitable. Whether it's due to an unexpected downpour, a scorching heatwave, or simply the need for a quieter day, parents need a trick or two up their sleeves to keep the kids entertained and happy in the great indoors.

If you’re looking for some awesome ways to have fun at home, we've got loads of creative and fun indoor activities for kids to do at home that will avoid the dreaded cry of, “I’m bored!” Whether you’re into crafting, baking, or playing games, there's something here for everyone. Get ready to try new hobbies, learn fun facts, and have a blast with the whole family without even stepping outside.


The Best Indoor Activities For Kids

Best Indoor Activities For Kids


1. Crafting Corner


Set up a cool crafting station with paper, glue, pens, and glitter. See what you’ve got lying around the house and challenge your kids to make something creative out of materials like old cereal boxes, egg boxes and magazines. You could try making decorations to celebrate birthdays or events or fun-themed costumes to dress up in like robots or aliens! Set your kids a theme and see what they can create.  

If you’re looking for inspiration for crafts to do then check out our post on easy and fun crafts for kids!


2. Baking 


Baking is an easy way to spend some quality time as a family, and you probably already have most of the ingredients you’ll need in the cupboard. Make simple things like cookies, cupcakes, or rice crispy treats together, and let your children have a go at mixing and weighing ingredients. Decorate with sprinkles and icing, use cookie cutters for fun shapes, and let everyone design their own toppings. 

If you’re looking for some baking ideas take a look at our selection of Cookery Books for some inspiration. 


3. Treasure Hunt


Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Hide different objects around the house, and write clues that need to be solved to find the treasure! This activity will take a bit of forward planning, but your kids will love solving the riddles and finding the lost “treasure” around the house. 

For an extra layer of fun, why not give it a theme? Imagine a pirate treasure hunt where the kids can dress up as swashbucklers, each armed with their own treasure map. Get creative, and watch your kids’ imaginations soar as they go on an exciting quest. Don’t forget your parrot!


4. Board Games 


Board games are the perfect indoor activities for kids on a rainy day. They take a while to finish, they don’t require too much setup, and most importantly, they don’t require much cleanup at all - just the rounding up of the odd scattered piece. Add in the fact that they are brilliant for social and cognitive development as they develop a strategy and interact with others around the board, and it’s a bit of a win-win for parents looking for something to do.

If you’re looking for a new favourite, have a look at our range of board games!


5. Jigsaws


For children, jigsaw puzzles are like being a detective, finding the right pieces, and solving a big mystery as they piece together a beautiful picture! And it’s even more fun when you do it with your family. It’s relaxing and feels great to finish the puzzle and see the final image. Plus, it can take a while to do, so you’re not under pressure to find multiple activities or you can spread it across multiple days! 

Want to solve a jigsaw puzzle like a pro? Then check out our post here


6. Build Your Own Den


Build a fort with blankets and pillows, or pitch a tent inside and pretend you're camping. Grab your favourite storybooks and snacks, use a flashlight to make a cosy campfire, and make s'mores in the microwave. 


7. Make A Volcano


For an eruption of fun, make your own volcano at home! First, build a mountain around a small plastic bottle using clay or playdough - you can paint it and add toy dinosaurs to make it more realistic! Put some baking soda inside the bottle. Then, pour in vinegar mixed with a little red food colouring. Watch as the volcano bubbles and erupts with fizzy "lava"!

This tutorial from The Natural History Museum provides a step-by-step guide on how to make a volcano. So watch it, follow the steps and make your own mini Mount Vesuvius.


8. Make Slime


It’s no secret that kids love slime, and making it at home is a fun little science experiment that is easy to do and kids will love. First, pour glue into a bowl and add a bit of water. Next, mix in a few drops of your favourite food colouring or some glitter to make it colourful. Then, add a little bit of baking soda and stir. Finally, slowly mix in some contact lens solution and knead until it turns into stretchy slime!

Learning the science behind the experiment can make it even more exciting and is also educational. BBC Good Food has a recipe for you to follow to make the best slime!


9. Homemade Playdough


Making playdough is a simple and fun activity to do at home and only needs a few ingredients. Mix 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt in a bowl. Gradually add 1 cup of water and a few drops of food colouring, stirring until the dough forms. Knead the dough until it's smooth and not sticky. Optionally, add some glitter for sparkle! Use cookie cutters and rolling pins to shape your playdough, and store it in an airtight container when you’re done! 

If you don’t fancy making your own dough, have a look at our modelling dough sets!


10. Reading Time


Pick some of your favourite books and have a reading session together. Take turns reading aloud and talk about the stories to encourage your little ones’ literacy skills. Create a cosy reading nook with pillows and blankets to make it extra special - and don’t forget some snacks and a warm drink! We’ve got all sorts of children’s books to choose from, so get ready to relax and get lost in the magical world of reading together. 


11. DIY Obstacle Course


Transform your living room into an obstacle course with furniture and household items. Set up stations where your kids can crawl under tables, jump over pillows, and balance on a line of tape. You can also add some challenges, like zigzagging around chairs or tossing a ball into a basket. Use a stopwatch to time each run and see who can complete the course the fastest. For an extra twist, try running the course backwards or with a theme, like pretending to be jungle explorers or superheroes on a mission! 

This post from parents.com has a bunch of ideas for turning your living room into an obstacle course. Have fun, but remember to stay safe!


12. Dance Party


Turn up the volume on your favourite tunes and get ready for a dance party at home! Ask your children for their recommendations (limit Baby Shark - for your own sanity!), create a themed playlist, follow along with some fun TikTok dance challenges, or have a dance-off competition where everyone gets a chance to shine. You can even dress up in funky costumes or have a "freeze dance" game where everyone has to stop moving when the music pauses.


13. Movie Marathon


Whether it’s superhero adventures, animated classics, or a favourite film franchise, choose a film series or a fun theme together for an epic movie marathon. Make it extra special by setting up a cosy seating area with blankets and pillows. 
Don’t forget the popcorn! You can create a snack bar with a variety of treats and drinks, like sweets, nachos, and fizzy drinks. You can even make cinema tickets with the kids or a poster announcing your screening and have a “cinema” at home. This blog post has some great tips and printables you could use.


14. Educational Games


Who said learning can’t be fun? Educational games are a great way to ensure that your little ones enjoy learning. They can be anything from matching pair games to science experiments. We’ve got a range of educational toys to choose from that will keep your kids entertained and their brains engaged!


15. Dress-Up and Role-Playing


Encourage your kids’ imaginations by dressing up in costumes and pretending to be different characters. You can act out stories, create your own adventures, or even pretend to be in different scenarios, like at the till checkouts or having a day at the zoo.

For some extra inspiration, check out our collection of role-playing toys and costume accessories to make playtime even more magical!


16. Indoor Gardening


Bring the joy of nature inside by starting an indoor garden! You can grow a variety of plants or herbs in pots right on your windowsill. It's a fantastic way for children to learn about how plants grow and how to take care of them. You can decorate the pots with paint or stickers to know what you’ve planted. 

Choose fast-growing plants like beans and sunflowers or herbs like basil and mint. These are easy to look after and rewarding to watch as they sprout and grow. This blog post from growinghealthykids.co.uk has some more tips and ideas.


17. Photo Shoot


Set up a fashionable photo shoot at home using props and different backgrounds for more fun. This is a great way of creating lasting memories with your kids. You could expand the activity by giving your children their own disposable camera and taking a trip to get the pictures developed together. Then, try making your own photo album or displaying your pictures in craft frames


18. Yoga 


Even if you’re inside, you can still stay healthy and active. Try following a kids' yoga video - like one of these from Cosmic Kids! - or doing some simple exercises together, such as the tree pose (standing on one foot) or the cat pose (on hands and knees, arching your back). It’s a great way to stretch and relax. Set it to some relaxing music, and you’ll have your own home yoga studio!


19. Puppet Shows


Create your own puppet show using sock puppets! Grab some old socks, markers, and accessories like buttons, and use string for hair. Gather your puppets and put on a show recreating your favourite tales or making up your own stories. Try making a puppet stage from a cardboard box and decorate it with paint, stickers, or fabric curtains to make your stage come to life. We’ve got all sorts of items to get you started in our kid’s craft supplies!


20. Building Challenges


Set up building challenges with blocks or LEGO for your kids to complete. Try different ideas, from buildings to bridges to vehicles. Set fun themes like "build a castle," "design a spaceship," or "create a zoo," and see what amazing structures they can come up with. 


21. Make Musical Instruments


Make simple instruments like shakers by filling empty containers with rice or using pots, pans, and empty cans as drum sets. You can decorate the instruments with paint or stickers to personalise them. Once your instruments are ready, gather your family and friends for a concert! Choose some fun songs to play along with, or make up your own tunes and rhythms and take turns being the conductor. It's a fantastic way for children to explore sounds, and might even be the start of your own family band!

Check out this blog post for instruction videos and ways to get started making your own instruments.


22. Scrapbooking


Collect photos, drawings, and other fun memorabilia and decorations to create a scrapbook. Write captions for the photos you choose, and use stickers, stamps, and coloured pens to decorate the pages. We've got a handy beginner’s guide to scrapbooking if you’re not sure where to start. 


23. Magic Tricks


Try your hand at illusion by learning simple magic tricks with your kids! With a deck of cards, a few coins, or even a scarf, you can amaze the family with your magical skills. Find easy-to-learn tricks here or on YouTube and perform a spectacular magic show. Don’t forget a magician’s hat and a cape for that extra magical touch!


24. Virtual Tours


Take a virtual trip to zoos, aquariums, historical sites and museums. You can find all sorts of free virtual tours online, like the British Museum or The National Gallery. If you prefer something a bit more lively, see which animals your kids can spot at the San Diego Zoo. Talk about what they see and learn fun facts, or do some crafts inspired by the exhibits.


25. Origami and Paper Folding


Origami and paper folding are wonderful ways of helping kids with creativity and patience. Folding paper into various shapes enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It's also a calming activity that encourages focus and attention to detail. Children love seeing a plain piece of paper transform into cool creations like animals, flowers, or stars! Start with easy designs and try harder ones as you get better. 


26. Painting & Colouring


Painting and colouring are excellent indoor activities for creative kids. Children can explore how colours mix and try different techniques while also having an outlet for self-expression. Allowing kids to bring their thoughts to life on paper is a fun and relaxing way for them to spend time indoors, and each completed masterpiece will give them a sense of achievement! Have a look through our art sets for everything you need to get going. 


27. Learn How to Draw


A productive way of spending time indoors with your little ones is picking up a new skill, and a great one we suggest is learning how to draw. It doesn’t need anything more than paper and a pencil and is suitable for all ages. Our helpful guide will have you drawing all sorts of things in 6 simple steps! From favourite characters like Forky and Mr Bump to pretty flowers and cupcakes, our guide gives you kid-friendly, step-by-step instructions on how to draw. Get ready to see your new skills come to life on the page! 


28. Loom Bands


From friendship bracelets to key chains, loom bands are colourful, stretchy bands that kids can weave into anything. This activity is great for creativity as children can mix and match colours to make unique designs, and it also helps them to focus as they concentrate on weaving the bands into patterns. Plus, it’s fun to trade or gift their handmade creations! We’ve got a selection of loom band sets and other creative kids toys to try out.


29. Diamond Painting


Let your kids’ creativity sparkle with diamond painting and crystal art! Check out our amazing collection of diamond and crystal art kits with everything from intricate designs to simpler kits that are perfect for families and beginners. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, there’s something for everyone to try!


30. Sensory Boxes


Fill boxes with toys and materials like rice, beans, or sand to help younger children learn through hands-on exploration. Using their senses to experience different items helps build their understanding and curiosity. Or if you’re looking for something a little more ready-made, our collection of sensory toys includes toys that engage touch, smell, hearing, and play, helping to develop fine motor skills in a fun and interactive way. 


31. DIY Spa Day


Transform your home into a relaxing spa retreat with an at-home spa day. Pamper yourself and your family with soothing activities like homemade facials, nail painting, and bubble baths. Use skin-friendly, natural ingredients like oats and honey for homemade facemasks. Try adding a few drops of essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus to your bubble bath, and complete your spa day with cosy dressing gowns and a relaxing bedtime story.  


32. Card Making


Handmade cards add a personal touch to any celebration and are a great indoor activity for kids. Whether you’re crafting a card for a birthday, an anniversary, or just for fun, our card-making supplies have you covered with everything you’ll need, from ribbons and tapes to complete card-making kits.


33. Balloon Volleyball


Bring the excitement of volleyball indoors by blowing up a balloon and setting up a "net" with a string stretched across a room. Hit the balloon back and forth over the string. This game is perfect for kids because it can be played safely inside without worrying about anything breaking!

To make it even more exciting, organise a mini-tournament and keep score to see who is the best volleyballer. Reward the winners with small prizes or treats for a fantastic way to enjoy active play and friendly competition at home! Read this post for more details. 


34. Memory Games


Play memory-matching games with cards or pictures for a fun, brain-boosting activity. Lay all the cards face down and take turns flipping over two at a time with your children, trying to find matching pairs. Make the game even more exciting by making your own cards with different themes, like animals or cartoon characters. This game is perfect for all ages and is a fantastic way to improve concentration and memory skills while having fun. Oh Joy has a detailed guide on making memory games for kids. 


35. Karaoke


Sing along to your favourite songs with karaoke videos. You can find all kinds of karaoke songs on YouTube, from classic hits to the latest chart-toppers, or take a look at some of the best kids' karaoke songs here! Singing is a fantastic way for kids to express themselves and have a blast while they are performing. Gather your friends or family for a sing-along session where everyone can take turns being the star. 

To take your karaoke night to the next level, dress up in costumes, use toy microphones, and set up a stage area with lights or a colourful backdrop to make it feel like a real concert. You can record your performances to enjoy again and cherish the happy (and cringey!) memories you make. 


36. DIY Escape Room


Create an exciting escape room for your children with different puzzles and clues hidden around a room. Make sure that the puzzles fit the age of the players - they need to be challenging but not too difficult! If you need some help designing your escape room, try this helpful guide with free printables for some inspiration. 


37. Knitting and Stitching


Knitting and stitching are fantastic activities for helping children to develop their concentration skills and hand-eye coordination and is a great way for them to make something unique. Whether they want to knit a cosy scarf or stitch a decorative pillow, having the right tools is essential. Our collection of knitting and stitching supplies includes everything they’ll need to get started on their next project, from needles and thread to a wide variety of yarn. 


38. Maths Games


Play number games with the little mathematicians in your family to practise their maths skills. You can use dominoes to practise addition and subtraction by adding up the dots on each half of a domino or subtracting one side from the other. For a fun way to learn about fractions, use a toy pizza divided into slices and ask your kids to identify halves, quarters, and other portions. 

Check out our range of puzzle books for everything from brain teasers to more difficult maths games like sudoku for a challenge! 


39. Educational Books


Reading educational books is a brilliant activity for kids that will help them improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills while expanding their learning. Introduce your children to different subjects, from science and history to art and geography, to broaden their understanding of the world and lay a good foundation for academic success.

If your little ones love learning, take a look at our collection of educational books for children in reception all the way up to Key Stage 2. 


40. Indoor Mini Golf


Set up a mini golf course in your living room using everyday household items as obstacles. Make ramps with books, tunnels with cardboard boxes, and tricky corners with pillows or toys. You can use plastic golf clubs and balls or get creative and make your own using items like rolled-up paper and cardboard tubes. Have a look at this guide for some examples. 

Design different "holes" with varying levels of difficulty to keep the game interesting. You can create easy straight shots and more challenging paths with multiple obstacles. Label each hole with numbers and keep score to add a competitive edge.


41. Indoor Bowling


Turn your hallway into a bowling alley by setting up empty plastic bottles as pins and using a soft ball to knock them down. You can decorate the bottles for an extra activity, or just arrange them in a triangular formation and mark a line where players should stand to bowl. Adjust the distance to make the game more challenging for older kids and adults. Why not organise a family tournament to see who can get the highest score? Check out this guide for more details.


42. Language Learning


Use language learning apps that teach children words and phrases in an engaging way. These apps often include interactive exercises, pronunciation guides, and daily challenges to help practise and retain new skills. You can also sing songs and play games related to the language, as this can make vocabulary memorisation more effective. Watching cartoons or simple videos in the new language helps to improve listening skills and pick up on everyday expressions. These activities help to reinforce what your kids learn in the apps and make the process more fun!


43. Reading Challenges & Activity Books


When school’s out, it can be a good idea to set learning tasks for your children to keep their brains in gear. Set a reading challenge for your kids to complete, like reading a certain number of books or trying different genres, with small rewards to encourage them. They could also have a go at activity books for some variation! Whether they are young readers or heading towards their teenage years, our range of activity books for kids will have something for them.


44. Learn About Space


Learn about space and explore the mysteries of our universe! Watch documentaries, read books, and talk about intergalactic discoveries with your children. Try to dig deeper into topics that they might have covered in school, like the solar system, black holes, and distant galaxies. You can get hands-on with space-themed crafts like building a model of the solar system, creating star constellations with glow-in-the-dark stickers, or crafting rockets and astronauts. You can even design your own "alien" creatures from another planet!

For a more interactive experience, use apps to stargaze from your home or explore space virtually. NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System lets you identify stars, planets, and constellations in the night sky and take virtual tours of our galaxy. 


45. Decorate T-Shirts


Let your kids get creative and personalise their own t-shirts with fabric markers or paint. They can create their own design or experiment with patterns by trying tie-dying. Each shirt becomes a canvas for their imagination!

Set up a workspace with newspapers or plastic sheets to keep your area clean. Try adding embellishments like sequins or fabric patches for some extra flair. After decorating, let the shirts dry completely before wearing or washing. This activity is great for making custom gifts or matching family outfits, so check out our painting supplies to get designing!


46. Virtual Storytime


Join virtual storytime sessions from libraries or online with your children. Many authors and libraries host live readings or have videos on YouTube. You can find a selection of read-aloud stories for young children here


47. DIY Bath Bombs


These fizzy delights are easy to make and a perfect way to encourage bath time! Create your own bath bombs using simple ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils. You can make your bath bombs into fun shapes using silicone moulds. They also make delightful homemade gifts! Try out this bath bomb recipe from BBC Good Food. 


48. Family History Project


Help your children learn about their heritage by creating a family tree or scrapbook filled with photos, stories, and drawings. Have your kids think of questions to interview family members about their past and video or voice-record their interviews. This project is a lovely way of strengthening family bonds, preserving your family's unique history and traditions, and creating a treasured keepsake for future generations.


49. Spelling Bee


Organise a family spelling bee with words suitable for your child’s age. Offer small prizes for the winner, and make it more fun with themed rounds such as "animal names" or "foods."

To keep the competition engaging, mix in some interactive elements like acting out the word or using it in a funny sentence. This can help younger children remember tricky words and adds a playful twist to the game! You can find some printable resource packs for your at-home spelling bee here


50. Card Games


Teach your children some classic card games like Go Fish, Crazy Eights, or Old Maid so they always have a fun activity to enjoy with nothing more than a deck of cards. Playing card games is not only entertaining but also helps with cognitive skills like memory and strategy. It’s a great way to bond as a family, and you can introduce them to more challenging games as they get older. 

You can read some instructions for kid-friendly card games here


51. Time Capsule


Create a time capsule filled with letters, drawings, and small toys that capture the essence of today. Let your kids decorate the container with paint or stickers to make it more personal. Include a list of contents inside so you can remember everything that was placed in it. You might also want to add a note about current events or your children’s favourite things at the time to provide a snapshot of their lives for their future selves. Seal it securely and choose a special future date to open it, like a milestone birthday or family anniversary.


Have fun!


With a little creativity and the right supplies, indoor days can be just as exciting and fulfilling as outdoor adventures. From crafting and cooking to games and puzzles, with this list there’s no shortage of activities to keep your kids busy. Enjoy making lots of happy memories!

You can find lots more ideas and inspiration for the best indoor activities for kids to do at home over on our blog!

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