8 Fun Facts For Kids About The Kings Coronation

Kings Charles III’s coronation is to be held on the 6th of May at Westminster Abbey in London. 

The coronation is a very special occasion where King Charles III will be crowned as the new reigning monarch, taking over the role of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly passed away in September 2022. 

This religious ceremony has been unchanged for thousands of years, and this year is no different. There will be celebrations nationwide as we welcome the new King to the thrown. 

In this post, we’ve got 8 fun facts about the coronation to get you excited for the big day. So lets get started!

Fact 1 - The last coronation was in 1953

Queen Elizabeth II was the first monarch to be crowned in Westminster Abbey. She was the 39th Sovereign to be crowned, and it was also the first coronation to be televised. 


Fact 2 - Westminster Abbey has held every coronation since 1066

Before Westminster Abbey was even built, coronations had to take place wherever was easiest, often in places such as Oxford, Bath and or Canterbury.  


Fact 3 - King Charles III can speak Welsh 

Before becoming king, King Charles III went by the Prince of Wales. In 1969 he went to school in Wales, where he learnt Welsh so that he could address the country in their own language. And he still speaks it today!


Fact 4 - The King will be wearing St. Edward's Crown

When he is officially declared king, King Charles III will be wearing the crown of St Edwards. This crown was also worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation and was originally designed for the coronation of Charles II in 1661.


Fact 5 - Coronation Chicken sandwich was invented for foreign guests attending a coronation

The coronation chicken sandwich was invented for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. It was prepared along with many other foods as part of a coronation banquet for the Queen's guests, who had come from all over the world. 


Fact 6 -  King Charles III will be the oldest monarch to be crowned in British history

At the age of 73, King Charles III is the oldest monarch to take the crown in British history. Ever since he was 3 years old, King Charles III has been destined for the thrown. 


Fact 7 - Charles's full name is Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor

This is actually the shortened version of his name. King Charles III has more than 20 other titles, including Earls, Knights and of course, Princes. All the titles were given to him by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who gave him the most prestigious titles. 


Fact 8 - This King will arrive in a golden carriage that is 260 years old

 The King will be leaving Westminster Abbey in style, in a 260-year-old horse-drawn carriage. This golden carriage looks like it is straight out of a fairytale. Following in his mother's footsteps, King Charles will be taken back to Buckingham Palace in this stunning carriage with his wife, the Queen Consort.


Bonus Fact! - The carriage has shock absorbers, heating and air conditioning. So the king will be travelling in both style and comfort!

So will you be watching from home or in person, in London? Either way, the King's coronation is not to be missed. It is a very exciting occasion for the country, and now you have 8 fun facts about the coronation you maybe didn’t know before. 

If you’re having a coronation party at home, then we’ve got some great crafts for the Coronation, like our post on how to make your own bunting and how to make paper crowns.



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