Our Pencil Case Essentials For Back To School

Let's be honest, it has probably been a while since you were at school, so it's not easy trying to remember exactly what you need, especially when the list seems to be constantly changing and never-ending. 

To make life a little bit easier for you, we’ve pulled together a list of pencil case essentials. So at least you can tick stationery off on that ever-growing list of things need to remember to get your kids when they're going back to school.


What You Need In Your Pencil Case - The Basics 



Ball Point 

These pens are reliable and versatile for writing. They're known for their smooth and consistent ink flow, making them suitable for everyday writing tasks like note-taking, completing assignments, and exams. They are also more resistant to smudging and can write on a variety of surfaces, making them practical for all types of paper.

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Felt Tips 

These have a fine and firm tip that produces consistent lines. They are excellent for underlining, highlighting, and drawing diagrams or illustrations in your notes. Their variety of colours can help organise information and make studying more exciting. Additionally, they are a favourite among artists and designers for creating detailed drawings and vibrant artwork, so they are the perfect tool for any aspiring artist.

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Gel Pens

Gel pens use water-based gel ink that delivers smooth and vibrant lines. They are perfect for adding emphasis and colour coding in your notes and creating visually appealing diagrams or charts. Coming in a wide range of colours, including metallic and glitter options, these are great for making academic and creative projects more exciting.

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Colouring Pencils 

Colouring pencils provide a creative outlet for expressing ideas and enhancing visual presentations. They're not just for art class – they can be used to add colour-coded sections, diagrams, and illustrations to your notes. Different colours can help you organise information and make key points stand out, helping to comprehend and memorise notes better.  

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Standard Pencils   

Standard pencils are fundamental writing tools that allow you to write, sketch, and take notes. They are versatile and don't require frequent sharpening, making them reliable for everyday tasks. Pencils can also allow for easy erasing, which is essential when correcting or changing your work.

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Pencil Sharpener 

A pencil sharpener is essential for maintaining the functionality of your standard pencils. Keeping your pencils sharp ensures neat and legible writing or drawing. This tool prevents the frustration you might have when your pencils become dull (which no one likes) and can become your best friend, especially during exam season.



Rubbers are invaluable for correcting mistakes and refining your work. They allow you to remove unwanted marks and adjust your writing or drawings. Having a quality rubber leaves you free to write to your heart's content without the fear of making irreversible mistakes.

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A ruler is a precise measuring tool for drawing straight lines, creating tables, graphs, and geometric shapes. It helps keep your work neat and organised, whether you're working on math problems, diagrams, or design projects. A ruler is especially useful for creating precise and accurate diagrams or charts in subjects like maths and science.

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For Maths

You can get all the items you need for maths in a maths set, like the ones we have here.

But if you want to get them individually, here is what you’ll need. 


A compass is the perfect geometric tool that allows you to draw circles, arcs, and other curved shapes. It's essential for creating accurate visual representations of circles, angles, and other geometric figures. Whether you're working on math problems, diagrams, or artistic designs, a compass ensures that your circular constructions are proportionate and well-drawn.


A protractor is used to measure and draw angles. It's an ideal tool for geometry, trigonometry, and physics. With a protractor, you can accurately measure angles between lines and draw angles of specific degrees. This tool helps you solve angle-related problems, understand geometric relationships, and create diagrams that reflect accurate angles.

45° & 60° Set Squares

Set squares, also known as triangles, are tools with fixed angles that help you draw straight lines at specific angles. A 45° set square is useful for drawing right angles and constructing perpendicular lines, while a 60° set square is often used for drawing equilateral triangles and other angles. These tools ensure that your lines are straight and your angles are consistent, enhancing the accuracy of your geometric shapes.


Added Extras


Highlighters are ideal for emphasising important information in your notes and textbooks. When reviewing your notes or textbooks, they help you quickly locate key points, concepts, and terms. Using different colours can also help you categorise and organise information, making reviewing and recalling essential details easier during exams or assignments.

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Fountain Pen 

Fountain pens offer a unique writing experience with their smoothness and precision. They use liquid ink and a nib that allows for varied line thicknesses based on how much pressure you use, making them great for creative writing, calligraphy, and signatures. A fountain pen can also improve handwriting, which is great for all ages. 


Scissors are versatile tools that enable you to cut and trim paper, printouts, and other materials. They're helpful in creating visual aids, cutting out images for projects, and organising notes. Scissors also allow you to customise your study materials, making them more tailored to your learning style and needs.


Good Luck!

Now you’ve got all the essentials your kids will need for the pencil case for back to school; you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that they are starting school with all the tools they need to be their very best!
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