Top 10 Funny Christmas Books For Kids

You can do hundreds of things with your children to get into the Christmas spirit. But there isn't anything quite as magical as reading Christmas stories. And nothing says Christmas more than filling the house with laughter and joy. That's why we've pulled together a list of the funniest Christmas books for kids.

So get yourself curled up on the couch and get ready for a few belly laughs together as a family


The Best Funny Christmas Books For Kids


Can You Find Santa's Pants by Becky Davies, Alex Willmore

Can You Find Santa’s Pants?

Why We Love It:

  • - Great illustrations that are engaging and interactive
  • - A silly story with genuine laughs for both kids and adults

Can You Find Santa's Pants has everything you want from a children's Christmas book. It has a silly story, excellent illustrations and rhymes that will bounce you around the page. But what really makes it great is the fun you'll have, scouring the illustrations and looking for Santa's pants together.


Santa's Christmas Quackers by Sam Samson, Erin Hunting

Santa’s Christmas Quackers

Why We Love It:

  • - Some genuinely awful yet still funny jokes
  • - Plenty of silliness to keep you entertained

Santa's Christmas Quackers is a fun and easy read that is perfect for reading just before bed or after putting up a Christmas tree. Like all good funny Christmas books, it has just the right amount of silliness with Santa's elves setting out to order some "Christmas Crackers". The problem is they accidentally order "Christmas Quackers", and instead, he's left with boxes of joke-telling ducks. Cue, a load of truly awful yet somehow funny jokes. And plenty of comedy as Santa, tries to get rid of them.


Clump the Lump of Coal by Make Believe Ideas

Clump the Lump of Coal

Why We Love It:

  • - Really cool mix of photography and illustrations
  • - A fun twist on getting a lump of coal for Christmas

A lump of coal may not sound that exciting, but a lump of coal that has feelings and is tired of being the thing that naughty Children are given at Christmas - that's gold dust. Throw in a great mix of photography and illustrations with some bouncy rhyming text, and you've got a brilliantly funny Christmas book.


A Poop-Powered Christmas! by Rosie Greening

A Poop-Powered Christmas!

Why We Love It:

  • - Cheeky toilet humour that will have the children in stitches
  • - Jokes that are as funny for adults as they are for children

A little bit of toilet humour never goes a miss. And even if you think you're above it - your kids definitely aren't, and that's what's important. A Poop-Powered Christmas! Is the story of a group of plucky elves who have to somehow find a way to power Santa's sleigh now the Reindeer are sick. 


The Stinky Sprouts Smelly Christmas Tale by Rosie Greening

The Stinky Sprouts Smelly Christmas Tale

Why We Love It:

  • - A really sweet underlying message
  • - Simple rhyming text that makes it easily digestible for all ages

A silly Christmas story that has a genuinely sweet message underneath it all. The Stinky Sprouts is a story about a family of sprouts who aren't liked by any of the other vegetables and are labelled "the stinky sprouts" for no reason. So they have a bit of a mini-makeover and pretend to be a new vegetable, only to be caught out eventually. The problem is that all the other vegetables realise that they really liked the sprouts, and they might need a bit of a rethink.

Reindeer on Strike by Holly Lansley, Clare Fennell

Reindeer on Strike

Why We Love It:

  • - Illustrations that are gorgeous and rich
  • - A fun story that moves along at a lively pace with its rhyming text

The illustrations for Reindeer on Strike are truly beautiful, and Clare Fennell has done a great job. It perfectly compliments this silly and, dare we say it, topical story. Santa's Reindeer are fed up with working Christmas and not getting to have any fun and decide to go on strike. The comedy ensues as Santa tries to hire a different workforce to make up for them.


The Christmasaurus and the Naughty List by Tom Fletcher, Shane Devries

The Christmasaurus and the Naughty List

Why We Love It:

  • - A heartwarming story that will leave the readers with a warm fuzzy feeling after finishing it
  • - Feels like a collection of small short stories, which makes it easy to pick up and put down

A funny, heartwarming story that is so full of glee that it will leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling that only the best Christmas books do. Christmasaurus and the naughty list is the story of a dinosaur that is determined to make sure the children on the naughty list make it onto the nice list. What's brilliant about this book is that it feels like a collection of short stories, which means it's easy to pick up and put down.


The Wonky Gonks by Rosie Greening, Make Believe Ideas, Lara Ede

The Wonky Gonks

Why We Love It:

  • - Has an important underlying message
  • - A simple, fun story that is perfect reading for 3 to 5-year-olds

The Wonky Gonks is a funny story with an important underlying message - respect the environment and be kind to others. The story is about Giddy Gonk, who gets a bit carried away with a magic gem he's received for turning 500. But the only problem is that he's forgotten the golden rule of being a Gonk - to be kind and protect the forest. Chaos ensues, and plenty of laughs are had before getting around to the important message of being kind.


The Unicorns Are Coming To Town by Make Believe Ideas

The Unicorns Are Coming To Town

Why We Love It:

  • - Illustrations are super cute and fun
  • - One for the unicorn lovers

Cute, sweet and full of laughs. That's why The Unicorns Are Coming To Town is a great Christmas book for your Children. Santa, deciding to give his Reindeer a bit of a treat, takes them to a spa for the day. The only problem is that when they return, they cannot fly because their fur is so full of gems and jewels. Santa is left scrambling to see whether he can find another group of magical animals to replace them.


Meg's Christmas by Jan Pienkowski & David Walser

Meg's Christmas

Why We Love It:

  • - Bright, colourful and playful illustrations
  • - Exuberant, fun and random plot

Meg's Christmas is a lively, fun, and sometimes a little random children's Christmas story. It's the story of Meg, Mog and Owl - a couple of witches - whose house flooded before Christmas. Plenty of hijinx and laughs ensue as they scramble to try and save Christmas.



So those are the best funny books for Christmas. There are plenty of laughs in that list but there are also some heartwarming tales that will leave you feeling fuzzy inside, as well as beautiful illustrations. If you are looking for some other Children's books to read, then check out some of our other booklists below:



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