How To Make Floral Patchwork Cushions

Colourful cushions made from squares of floral fabrics create a charming, country-cottage look.

Sick of scouring stores for the perfect pillows to match your style, only to come up empty-handed? Well, guess what? You can make your own fabulous cushions that complement your style and save you some serious money.

These charming patchwork cushions are the perfect way to dive into the patchwork world and learn the basic skills needed to pursue this craft. Plus, You can use all those scraps of fabric you've been hoarding and transform them into something beautiful. 

So grab your fabric stash, and let’s make some cushions! 


Floral Patchwork Cushions


Equipment & Materials:

- Assorted pieces of floral fabric
- 2 rectangles of patterned fabric (52cm X 30cm for backing)
- Sewing machine
- 50cm square cushion pad
- 2 snap fasteners
- Needle and matching thread


How to make it:

Step 1 - Cut out 25 squares of floral fabric each measuring 12cm x 12cm. Stitch together five of the fabric squares in a row, with right sides facing and taking a seam allowance of 1cm. Trim and notch the fabric edges and press the seams flat with a hot iron.

Step 2 - Repeat until you have stitched five rows of five patches. Stitch the rows together to form a square. Press the whole cushion front. It should measure about 52cm x 52cm.

Step 3 - With right sides facing, pin the two backing fabric rectangles together along one long side. Stitch together, positioning the seam about 4cm in, and leave a gap in the middle of the seam about 40cm long for inserting the cushion pad. Press the seam to one side. You should have a backing piece measuring about 52cm x 52cm.

Step 4 - With the right sides facing, machine stitch the backing square to the patchwork front around all four edges. Trim and notch the corners and turn through to the right side.

Step 5 - Sew on the snap fasteners by hand and insert the cushion pad to finish.


Happy crafting

Congratulations, patchwork pro! Say goodbye to bland, shop-bought cushions and hello to a home bursting with personality and style. 

If you're not feeling the patchwork, we've also got a great tutorial on making squishy bean-bag cushions. Or if you want to change it up and make something completely different, check out our cute little penguin knitting pattern or our cooks cross-stitch picture.

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