Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome to our brand new blog. 
If you've been reading our blogs and visiting our site for a while then it's likely you've noticed a few changes and, if you're brand new to The Works or just the blog then let us be the first to welcome you! There are lots of fun things for you to enjoy and get involved with so stick around to find out more!

If you can't tell already, we're pretty excited about this new blog, we finally have a place to share all our exciting crafts, top reads and every other random bit of fun content we think you'll enjoy. 

As excited as we are we know change can be confusing so let us take a moment to help you out with navigating our new blog. 

First, check out our categories, we've got a place for everything from fun and quizzes to art and craft ideas and even student tips. So take your pick and get ready to click! 
Once you're on one of our new category pages you'll find a hub of every blog relating to that theme, just choose a blog at get reading! 

If you still don't find what you're looking for then maybe you just want to find out what we've been up to recently? Well, if you're all about the new then all you have to do is click "our blog" or "Back to Blog" to take you back to our home page, there you'll find all our most recent blog posts on all kinds of topics and trends. 

Another big change we've made is that our blogs are now shoppable, so, if you're reading a craft blog and want to get your hands on everything you need to make your own, or you're reading an amazing recipe and just have to get hold of the book, Then things just got a lot easier. Instead of making your way through our entire website to find everything you're looking for, now we've added products into our blogs so all you have to do is add to basket and go straight to checkout! You’ll be crafting and cooking at home in no time!

Ok, we know your desperate to get moving through our new blog and start reading, but wait, we've got one last change we want to tell you about. Ever found yourself reading a blog and once you're at the end you just want more of the same? If this sounds like you then you'll be happy to know we've added all the blogs we think you'll love based on the one you're reading at the bottom of each blog. So getting to the end of one of our amazing blogs is just the beginning of the next!

So go on get, lost in our brand new blog hub and have some fun. Make sure you tag us in any recipes, crafts or pintable’s you do at home so we can share them on our socials and right here on the blog!

Wondering how to find us on social media? Don’t worry, all the links are right here in the blog!

Happy reading!